Meet The Team

Beth Chamberlin
InDesign Guru

When Beth first discovered InDesign, it was love at first type. She honed her skills in graphic design in her time as an urban planner and designer in Iowa, California, and Colorado. After a decade of being the de facto graphic designer on every team she joined, she made it her full-time gig. When she isn’t designing, she uses her attention to detail to create custom cakes and cupcakes.

Caitlin Mohr
Illustrator Aficionado

Caitlin requires use of Illustrator at least once daily. She’s worked in the private sector in Philadelphia and public sector in Boulder as an urban planner with a focus on graphic design. She loves tromping around in the mountains, ideally with an axe and saw for trail work, will always ditch her car in favor of her bike, and speaks three languages - English, German, and 17-year-old cat.